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Latest News happening about CC-Gate>

Greetings to those who have been keeping track of this website over the years. We have not gone anywhere. The fact is we have been so busy, and so much has changed since 2017 January. Here are some brief changes.


September 1st

Since June we have been logging in students to use CC-Gate daily. Class 6,7 and 8. We have increased our marketing and sells process, and have gain new subscribers. Yesterday we continued with our new Lower Primary section, and have tested with Grade two students successfully. Read more on the CC-Gate page on facebook. Next week we are expecting big things to happen, and a lot of big changes are in the air.

June 29th, 2018

We successfully performed the first 5 subject term exam with 92 students over 3 days. There was a problem compounded by another problem, but in the end we recovered and finished the Exams on time. In short the worse thing that could happen actually happened. It was a real eye opener and actually a good thing, cause we learned a lot from doing the recovery. We will be even more prepared during the next exam, and hopefully grow from there. 


1. At Bamburi Primary we were allowed to give the first digital exam, and it was very successful. Students got their results the same day. Unfortunately the teachers didn't use the results because they didn't match the schools meanscore grade rankings. 

2. There was a major breakthrough in the way CC-Gate worked. A new version was created that didn't need the use of Internet, and a new Digital Library was created. I think it is very special, and will replace the need for books in the coming future. CC-Gate has almost totally been changed. CC-Gate Version 6 rolled out in April 2017.

2. The school headteacher was transfered in June 2017, and his replacement Ms. Mwanasiti and I very quickly realized we couldn't work together at the school, Two lions. I put in my letter of resignation from Bamburi on Monday, and they ignored it until I dropped the keys on their desk on my last day. They thought I was joking about leaving. Of course they wanted me to stay, but frankly, few Bamburi teachers saw the value CC-Gate or my services brought to the school. 

3. I had several offers to take up computer labs, and in the end I choose Mtopanga Primary because it was less than 2 minutes from my house, the school was four times larger, than Bamburi Primary, and the Head Teacher understood the future was in digital Education. 

4. Mtopanga is one of the oldest and largest schools in Mombasa. It is a flagship school meaning it is at the center of a lot of activity, including political activity. The school has over 100 Gov. Tablets, compared to the 30 at Bamburi. We have gone far in our new location. With over 2,000 students to work with, I have had the extreme luck to see all manner of students reaction toward digital education and the CC-Gate program. The CC-Gate team is learning a lot, and we have managed to complete the first stage, which is producing a complete working program. 

5. As of May 2018 we have moved into the second stage, which is marketing. I have some great ideas, and have been sharing them with people in the know, including the ICT Ministry staff in Nairobi, and KICD officials here on the ground.  With all the hardwork now done, we are looking for a money partner with a marketing background to partner with. CC-Gate is a proven success, and is ready to market in almost any school with tablet, or devices. It has the ability to do a number of school tasks, eliminate exam marking, give hundreds and hundreds of Exam type questions for Math, Science, Social, English, Kiswahili, an RE, and will most definitely improve student's exam scores with or without the need for Internet. 

So that is what is happening. We have been so busy with CC-Gate Local, that we have been neglecting WWW.CC-GATE.COM, but we are all here and better than ever. 

Stay tune for a further update real soon.