www.cc-gate.com (A developing project)

The Google of Kenya Primary Education

Unlike other elearning programs, CC-Gate is a simple search and revise program with a direct target. Only information which is in the syllabus and may be part of KCPE Exams in Science and Social Studies. Maths & English will be coming soon.

No Books needed.

Students are use to revising with books, which is a struggle. The ease of direct search takes a little getting use too, as the information is brought up so quickly. Once a student gets the hang of direct search, they can cover a great deal of information faster with the trust that 100% of the information given is relivant to topics covered in KCPE. If it isn't on CC-Gate then it probably won't be on your Exam.

The Fastest Tutor in Kenya

CC-Gate's search and revise method is much faster than the old traditional method of studying with books and notes. CC-Gate also has a vast Database of Exam questions which is equal to having 20+ Past Papers in every subject and this Database is growing every day.

6 child  computerb

A Child doesn't have to be overly smart to use