"Are your child's grades below average? "

CC-Gate can improve them by 40% to 80%

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Digital Education online is like having a personal tutor available 24 hours a day anywhere you go!


How to use CC-Gate;

1. Click "register" on menu bar, fill out registration form.

2. Logon to personal lesson page.**No Books Needed**

3. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson. 

4. See student's progress and compare with other students using CC-Gate.

  • The more you use CC-Gate the better it knows your child's academic level.

  •  all content is relevant to East African lessons and exams.
  • CC-Gate rates quiz results and sends results via text or email to Parents.
  • CC-Gate is a student's one on one tutor.
  • CC-Gate accessed by Laptop, desktop, tablet, or Smart phone.
  • CC-Gate works well with slow learners, and Kids with Special Needs. Custom lessons are available.
  • CC-Gate is interactive Digital Education online.
  • CC-Gate is a convenient, fast and fun way to learn the primary and secondary Lessons, using videos, audio, pictures, and interaction.

  Results are inevitable 

CC-Gate is an online tutor for Primary & Secondary education in East Africa.

CC-Gate is learning with pictures, audio, videos, presentations, and more.

CC-Gate is the future of education, available anytime, one on one, private learning is only clicks away".

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